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(Updated as of January, 23d , 2017.)

All fics have Ryo x Ohkura as a main pairing. Sometimes you may encounter Subaru x Yasu, Yoko x Hina, Subaru x Ohkura, Maru x Yasu, Ryo x Fictional character, Ohkura x fictional character.


IF ONLY (complete. Romance, Angst)

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7 FINAL

BEHIND THE PAPER DOORS (Complete. Medieval AU, Ooku)

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9, part 1
Chapter 9, part 2
Chapter 10. End.


1- The Temptation Room
2- Stone Cold
3- A Matter of Life and Death
4- Falling Into His Trap
5- Hell's Corridor
6- Serendipity
7- Rainy With Sun Later. End.


1- The Meeting
2- The Doubts
3- The Discoveries
4- The Disappointment
5- The Fall
6- The End




Courage is all it takes (Romance, fluff)

GAMES trilogy ( Romance, fluff, slight angst):

Hide And Seek

How To Get Your Point Across In Five Steps (Fluff)

TORN Chronicles (Smut, NC 17)

Brothers (Angst)

Songs (Drabbles, AU, Romance, Angst, Fluff)

Road Trip (Romance, slight Angst)

My Last Train (AU, Romance)

Sorry Sorry Love (Romance, Introspection, POV)

The Test of Courage (fluff, humor)

Tsumi to Natsu (Smut, fluff)

Seventeen Syllables (Medieval AU, Romance, slight Angst)

Us (Romance, Introspection, POV)

Can't U See ? (Romance, Angst)

Steal Your Love (Romance, Long term Relationship, Slice of Life)

Killing Me Softly (AU, Romance, Angst, Drama)

Never Forget (AU, Romance, Angst)

Truth or Dare (Smut, Fluff)

Truth or Dare, The Day After (Smut, fluff)

Happy New Year (8UPPERS AU, Fluff)

Beast! (Fluff, humor, slight angst)


Introduction ☼

Hi !

Introduction made short, I've been a Kanjani fan for years now and always wrote some fictions. I decided on an impulse to post some them now I have a bit of time to do it.
I hope you will like those little stories as I do !

Title :The Boy Who Lives Down The Hill - 10
Author: rainbowdots888
Pairings: Ryo x Ohkura
Rating: NC17
Length: Multi Chapter
Words: 1184
Genre: Edo period AU, angst, friendship, romance.
Disclaimer: Too bad for me, I don't own these men... just these stories.

Summary : In the Japanese country, Edo period. Ohkura's dreams are crushed by reality and his cruel mother. Ryo doesn't know it yet but he is his only light.


The road to Edo is long and harsh. We're endlessly walking under the scorching sun, Ryo, his brothers and I. We stayed for a day at theirs, just enough to prepare some things to bring with us. They've given me some spare clothes so I can finally get rid of the shameful garb I've been wearing so much.

When night comes, we stay in small inns along the road with all the travelers and the pilgrims that faith has thrown on the cobbled paths of the country. It's the only moment of comfort we get after the hell that is the walk : a bath, a simple meal and a night on a modest futon, in a room we all share.

Shingo and Subaru have insisted on coming with us. They have a common reason to finally reach my brother and... I don't know. Maybe they'll kill him. Maybe they'll forgive him. In any case I'm not concerned anymore with his fate. Dead or alive, whatever, as long as he can't hurt Hana.

They are a day ahead of us, and everywhere we go we're asking about them. Two young people, a gentleman with a young girl, traveling to Edo.

Everyone has noticed them, they're so beautiful, charming... and they're engaged.

That's what Kei says to the innkeepers on his way. Hana is to be his bride.

There's hate boiling inside me then, a mass of fury that's asking to show up, to come out in a storm so terrible I'll be changed forever. I may be the one who's going to kill him after all. With the sword Ryo has given me, the sword which belonged to his dead father.


Tonight, we're alone with Ryo. The brothers have disappeared to some place dealing strong alcohols against a few coins a few minutes ago, leaving us by ourselves for the first time since the forest. We've been repressing any sign of affection since then by modesty and also because they're not supposed to know, to understand what there is between us.

I think they're noticing in our gazes at each other the outline of love, and in Ryo's voice they can hear all the adoration we're sharing.

But they remain seemingly unconcerned, glad to ignore the truth, to be oblivious at how their little brother is different... How he is loving a man.

Ryo joins me after his hot bath. I'm waiting on the engawa of our room, listening to the soft noises of the night. Cicadas fill the warm air with their deafening chant but it sounds like peace to my troubled heart. His fingers slip tenderly along my wrist until they're intertwining with mine, a shy display of love after those two long days without a touch.

“We're almost there... we'll get her back, don't worry.”

He's slightly trembling as if he were cold. But the temperature has been suffocating for days, it can't be a chill. I drop the cloth I was holding and my hand goes naturally to his forehead, searching for an unusual hotness, a fever that would indicate sickness. But he's not that hot, only his eyes are feverishly staring at me, their darkness so hypnotizing that I stop all my movements. It's only a matter of seconds before his lips are grazing my neck while his hands swiftly untie the belt loosely holding my yukata.

His palms are burning as they climb along my side, brushing ever so slightly my sensitive skin. I'm still motionless, fascinated by his self control as he lets the tip of his fingers trace roads and shapes on my chest, delicate, fragile even when he gives me a first shy kiss. His lips are just leaving mine when all of a sudden he closes his hands on the long hair on my nape and drags me down for a passionate second kiss. His yukata comes open as well under my fingers, I'm blindly looking for his softest flesh, for the warmth that rises from the most tempting spots of his body.

He leads me to the room with his kisses, planting them like signs on a delightful road. We tumble down together on the first futon our feet are meeting, his frail silhouette imprisoned under me and our limbs tangled in the soft and colorful fabrics of our clothes. His long lashes are fluttering and his moaning voice fills the small space of the room as my tongue roams freely along his muscles, along some paths I was still oblivious of a few minutes ago. I realize that our forest adventure was simple indeed, perfect but a little succinct. I don't know everything about him yet, and tonight we have calm, comfort and time to explore.

I want to be the strong one today, I need to see this fragility show up again, this delicate version of himself he displayed briefly when we were on the engawa. I want to be a man, finally. His man, entirely.

I'm slightly biting the tender flesh along his hip bone, tasting his skin every now and then with my tongue, reaching his groin with delight. His reaction is glorious. I've never heard his voice so high-pitched, freed from any decency. Ryo is exulting under my mouth and I want more, I want to lead him to his most beautiful ecstasy. I need to give him my everything, tonight, for I don't know who I'm going to be tomorrow when finally we'll confront Kei and our families' secrets.

It's the first time for me but he's patient and forgiving. His eyes are full of emotions, pleasure, pride and love all combined in his dark stare, following the slightest move I'm making. He bites his luscious lips as I slowly take possession of him and a startled cry escapes his throat. I've never felt better in my life than here, between his legs, feeling the least vibration his excitement produces through my nerves and my veins, spreading like bushfire in my system. It's where I belong. And his hands firmly holding my lower back, pulling me back inside him everytime a short distance separates us, are telling the same story.

He's out of breath, his voice is now broken but still as beautiful as ever. He whispers words of adoration in my ear,I love you, oh, so much, my loveand the sound of it is healing my heart. And here it comes, this tremendous clenching in my stomach, the heat suddenly rising, pumped up my chest at each erratic thrust. I'm delirious almost and I see the reflection of this madness in his own blurred gaze. It's all that we need to finally reach completion as I'm in every way possible surrounded by him.

We cuddle endlessly then, chuckling at every glance, at every touch. We're both high on each other's love. The world has continued spinning without us, we don't care. All is well.

When Ryo's brothers will come back from their evening out, they'll most likely find us naked under the covers, sleeping in each other's arms. And it feels just right.

Title :The Boy Who Lives Down The Hill - 9
Author: rainbowdots888
Pairings: Ryo x Ohkura
Rating: PG15
Length: Multi Chapter
Words: 930
Genre: Edo period AU, angst, friendship, romance.
Disclaimer: Too bad for me, I don't own these men... just these stories.

Summary : In the Japanese country, Edo period. Ohkura's dreams are crushed by reality and his cruel mother. Ryo doesn't know it yet but he is his only light.


My mind goes blank. Ryo isn't crying nor smiling, he just states the fact. Kei has killed his twin brother. How come I've never heard about that ? How come I don't remember that ?

He squeezes my hand tenderly as if I were the one to console. Suddenly the trees around don't appear welcoming anymore, there's gloom in those deep green colors that tend to turn a scary black now that the afternoon is ending.

“I... I didn't want to talk about that before because I was not sure about... your feelings... my feelings. We've met before, Tadayoshi. We've played together when your family was living close to mine. But on that day, everything changed and after that you all moved uphill. I had forgotten everything about Kei's family, as mom hardly talks about those dreadful moments. Then I caught you... staring at me, in the fields. I didn't even realize who you were, you've changed so much. I fell in love with the image of you and took the first occasion to talk and spend time with you. I fell in love utterly and... realized at he same time who you are.”

I'm crying now because his confession is so beautiful yet so painful. I'm searching through my memories, words I may have heard, images I may have seen. But everything is black, a pit without bottom, a tree without its roots.

“I guess I wanted to tell you now because of what happened this morning. When we were four, Tadayoshi... You spoke. I remember your joyous shrieks when we played together.”

I don't want to hear more, I don't know who I am anymore.

The silent idiot living up the hill ?

The young boy innocently playing with Ryo and his twin ?

The brother of a murderer, the son of a mad man ?

My brain hurts so much.

“That's not all, I must tell y...”

I leave. I can't take it anymore. I suddenly stand and yank his hand still holding mine. I need him to leave me alone for a while. Ryo looks sad again, he may be disappointed by my reaction and looks the opposite way while I'm walking away, losing myself among the silent and judging trees.

I hit one of them with my bare fist. That's for Kei.

My hand is in pain but I hit another one, for all the lies.

It bleeds but I can't stop, I'm punching all the secrets, all the ghosts and all the pain surrounding me. A wild, tremendous scream of agony brews in my stomach. Another bone-crushing blow at my demons and suddenly that howl comes out, tearing the night apart like a dulled sword would have made its way through flesh.

I tumble on my knees, exhausted. The world is spinning on itself and nausea creeps up inside me. And he's finally here, holding me tightly, preventing my complete and definitive fall into madness with his soothing presence.

I mustn't run away anymore, for Ryo will always be here for me, accepting and selfless. I must be here for him too, starting from today.


Our second night in the forest is over and I didn't sleep again. Ryo stayed awake too. He shared with me his memories of a blessed time I don't remember. All that he remembers of his deceased half, the precious being who has shared a womb with him.

He also told me about that fateful day when out of an unpredictable anger my brother beat that little boy to death. How everyone had seen it, even myself, and how our fathers had fought. They'd gone to the temple to settle the matter and call for justice. The priests had asked for a public duel during which they had wounded each other deadly.

The matter had been settled. Blood had been shed. And my family had moved, far from Ryo's, up the hill to escape the shame of being the murderers' descendants.

Thing is... I remember my father, or a man Mother called this way, telling me samurai stories when Hana was a little girl. Everything is blurry and I don't know what image I should trust anymore.

Thankfully, the comfort of Ryo's strong arms keeps me steady.


When the sun is a its zenith, Subaru finally appears, dishevelled and red from the climb to our shelter. Ryo is sleeping, his head resting on my thighs as I absentmindedly brush his hair in the sun. We must offer quite a peculiar view because the other remains mute for a while, his dark weasel eyes following my fingers threading in his brother's mane with stupefaction.

“I... mmh. Wake him up, please, I've something to tell you both.”

I gently shake Ryo's shoulder and he cracks his eyes open, slightly dazzled by the brightness of the day. I think I can't live anymore without seeing his adorable frown and the mess that his hair is upon waking up.

“Oh. Brother... Is everything alright ? Can we go back ?”

“Yeah... Kei's gone back to Edo. But... he's taken Hana with him. I saw them leaving this morning and she was crying hard. She also had a bruised cheek, poor thing...”

My heart bleeds again, my little sister is with him. Why would he do that ? Why would he take her to Edo, she's only sixteen. Ryo looks at me and sees the panic rising in my eyes, feels the frenzy of my pulse under his fingers.

“We must do something. We have to go to Edo.”

Title :The Boy Who Lives Down The Hill - 8
Author: rainbowdots888
Pairings: Ryo x Ohkura
Rating: PG15
Length: Multi Chapter
Words: 984
Genre: Edo period AU, angst, friendship, romance.
Disclaimer: Too bad for me, I don't own these men... just these stories.

Summary : In the Japanese country, Edo period. Ohkura's dreams are crushed by reality and his cruel mother. Ryo doesn't know it yet but he is his only light.


I'd like to be a tree. I think I'd love to become one actually. Trees are tall, they're silent and they're powerful, ancient. They're living a peaceful and long life of retreat, their pure souls never tarnished by human passions and greed.

Should I be a tree or a sword ? Should I be myself eventually ? Ryo is making me love myself more than I've ever dreamed to. He's so thoughtful, so certain I'm a special being. I've just spent my night holding him against my heart and now that he's opening his eyes, waking up at the sound of birds greeting the sun, I can't resolve to let him go.

His hair is a mess and he frowns at the bright light of morning. His head falls again and he nuzzles against my neck, trying to escape the dazzling sun. I can hear a sigh.

“ 'morning...” Ryo's voice is a bit muffled but it sounds just perfect right now, because it vibrates against my heart. “Could you sleep ?”

I shake my head, I want to tell him how beautiful he looked, asleep.

“Oh. Are you alright ? Was it too cold ? The forest can also be scar....”

I kiss him to cut the flow of his words, to make him understand that worrying is useless. I'm exactly where I should be, in his arms, caressing his back and letting my kisses travel through the valleys and the hills that his body offers.

“You sure know how to wake people up...” His breath is hissing and he moans softly under my lips, threading his fingers in my hair. I put my forefinger on his mouth to get his attention and slowly trace a path down his chin, following the exquisite curves of his neck and collar bone until I'm pointing at his heart. He looks at me, curious.

I try my best to form a few words with my lips, I want him to understand.

Only you.

He smiles. I think he got it.

Ryo kisses me, now perfectly awake. His desire is growing second after second and he takes over me and my soul, submerging my body with caresses.

He loves me again, like he would feast on the finest and sweetest delicacy. He's in me and we're reduced to one trembling and passionate being, focused solely on the other. I've never thought something so splendid could happen to me and all the tension, all the fear in me is loosening until the ecstasy washes over my body and soul.

Air blocks my throat up. I try to breathe. The pleasure is too strong and in the forest, wildly resonating with all its life, my voice comes out for the first time. Deep and clear.

I'm reborn here, in his arms, and he cries. Trying to catch his breath, Ryo kisses my temple. His soft sobs are mixed with laugh.

“Your voice is so beautiful...” He finally whispers.


“I'm sure it's just a matter of days, you know. If we train regularly...” Ryo pauses and turns to me, his naughtiest smile on. “... I mean, if you're trying hard enough, you'll speak.”

I nod in approval, his glee is contagious. I don't know exactly how I feel about this discovery, to be honest. My voice exists. My armour, what has protected and handicapped me for years, my mutism... isn't real. Who am I ?

He's bathing in the stream next to our hut, and the sunlight makes him shine again. We've been here for almost a day and so many things have changed. But Subaru hasn't come. He's not likely to appear now, it's too late, we're good for a second night in the woods. At this rate, I may ask the gods to make everyone on this earth forget about our existence. The world wouldn't stop, Mother would not care at all, and Kei could even be relieved of his hate for me. Hana... How about you little sister ? Would you miss me ?

“You're daydreaming again...” A wet kiss lands on my forehead. The stream is very cold and Ryo is dripping, shaking his hair like a wet dog next to me. I'm shielding my head with my arms and once more, an uncontrolled sound comes out my throat. It's a little croaky and rough but the sensation is amazing.

He looks at me, surprised. He's so stunned, his eyes round like bowls, that I crack up like I never did in my life. Soon, Ryo laughs too, sprawling on the warm moss. This day is the best ever.

When our laughs have died and we're quiet again, he looks at me and his gaze is a bit frightening. There's something heavy on his mind that has just spoiled his happiness.

“Tadayoshi... before all this becomes... too much. Well, it's already too much, but I think it's time... Time to tell you everything.”

My heart clenches painfully, I fear what he's going to say.

No. Don't spoil that beautiful day.

I'm trying to put my finger on his lips again, but he tenderly intercepts it and kisses my hand.

“First, I want you to know that I love you. I would give my life for you. I'll always be on your side. But as you've guessed, things... happened between our families. And it will be harsh, Tadayoshi, it will be extremely difficult sometimes. I need to know. Are you on my side as well ? Do you love me ?”

I nod eagerly, panicked. How can he doubt my feelings for him ?

“You know my brothers, now... Subaru and Shingo. A long, long time ago, when you and me were little boys, around four... My other brother was still with us. My twin brother. He's dead, now... On a sunny day like this one, Kei killed him.”

Title :The Boy Who Lives Down The Hill - 7
Author: rainbowdots888
Pairings: Ryo x Ohkura
Rating: PG15
Length: Multi Chapter
Words: 1097
Genre: Edo period AU, angst, friendship, romance.
Disclaimer: Too bad for me, I don't own these men... just these stories.

Summary : In the Japanese country, Edo period. Ohkura's dreams are crushed by reality and his cruel mother. Ryo doesn't know it yet but he is his only light.


We've been walking since the morning, Ryo and me, in the forest. The path is not cleared and it's a bit of a struggle to progress along the hills surrounded by trees and brambles. My muscles are still sore and my heart is heavy. I think about my family, my brother and my mother, Hana especially. It's like I'm betraying them, choosing another family over mine. The rage I've felt under Kei's punches and after them is slowly dissipating into the pure air of the forest.

He's walking ahead, turning from time to time to encourage me with a smile. The sun is shining finally, after so many days of heavy rain, piercing through the green canopy to subtly outline Ryo's features. He didn't tell me where we're going but it has already been a long walk when we eventually reach a stream and a small hut hidden under hundreds of fallen branches.

“We've arrived !” He says, the joy visible all over his face. “ This is my safe haven... It's not luxurious but it's far from the hassles of the valley. Subaru will climb here tomorrow to tell us if you can... go back.” He's already unpacking the few things he's brought with us, food, covers and warm clothes. I'm coming out of my astonishment to help him arrange something and remove the accumulated leaves and branches from our shelter.

“I haven't come here in years... I used to climb when life felt too harsh. My brothers ignored everything about this place until the day we fought seriously and I hid here for a week. They searched the forest for days and finally found me napping here.” He laughs at the memory, his luminous smile competing with the sunrays reflections on the stream. I already love that place, I feel it's more like him than anywhere else in the world.

I hope I'll be able to come back one day, with Ryo, for better reasons. And that day I want to be able to tell him how much he means to me, with my own voice.


The sun disappears quickly behind the trees and the birds stop their chirping. We're suddenly surrounded with silence as Ryo is showing me another fencing move. He has insisted on training me again, for lack of better things to do. He's demonstrating the movements, teaches me how the body works and how the attack impacts on the ennemy's.

I'm fascinated by the beauty of his movements, the perfection of his whole self as he's explaining, a concentrated frown marking his face. I'd like to touch him, to feel his skin against mine like when he let his weakness show, earlier, snuggled against my chest in his bedroom. He still hasn't said a word about the kiss and the festival. I don't know how to make him understand, how to respond to his feelings without words.

“Tadayoshi ? Are you alright ?” He looks worried and I realize my mind has been wandering a little too long again, fascinated by him. That's something that he does, a magic he has : he makes me dream in broad daylight.

I nod timidly, and I know my cheeks are turning red because the sensation of his lips against mine is coming back and it's making my heart flutter.

“Are you hungry ? Sleepy maybe ?” He's walking towards me and brushes my shoulder with his hand, shyly.

His sword falls on the floor with a soft noise behind me and he's suddenly holding me tightly, his arms thrown around my neck, his chest heaving. He's trying to say something, he may want to justify his sudden impulse, he may feel that it's not proper for a young man to behave this way but I don't care anymore about explanations and justifications.

I can't put my feelings into words and he can't anymore either. We're both mute now. And I just want to feel him, to merge with him so tightly no one could ever separate us. I want him to hear my inner voice, the one always resonating in my heart and I want him to let me hear his. I don't move, I just let the heat between us rise, enthralled by the sensation of his hand slowly sliding under my collar, following the line of the bone until it rests on my pounding heart.

Around us, the silence is deafening, nothing happens. The entire world is holding its breath and Ryo's lips are on my neck, gently making their way to my jaw. I close my eyes and slightly tilt my head to let him wander over my skin as a pleased sigh escapes me.

It's like he doesn't dare going further, like he fears that I'd run away again if he gave me a real kiss. He hesitates. I can hear his desire filled breath, I can feel it against me, those puffs of warm air slightly hissing whenever his lips are brushing my cheek. There's no running away now, no panic nor fear building in my stomach, nothing but a powerful desire, something animal that overcomes me and my doubts.

I turn to him and his face is so close, so vibrant in the orange shades of the sunset that is flooding the woods... His eyes are asking, their darkness is pleading for something more, for action and I fall completely for him, for his fascinating self. If tomorrow does not exist, I don't care.

My hand clenches his nape, I feel the shiver of excitement that's running there, under the tips of my fingers. I give up on everything reasonable in this world, my life is entirely his now that our mouths finally meet and I open my lips to invite him in. We're passionately kissing and exploring, embraced in the luxuriant nature cradling us, without anyone to witness how much we're loving each other.

He'll make my heart explode. And when it will burst, the world will hear my voice.


Later that night, we're lying naked in the thick covers he's brought and only the small bonfire gives us light. The sky is perfectly dark, as black as Ryo's hair and eyes. He's softly snoring against my chest and our legs are tangled to the point I can't move without waking him up. So I remain like this, motionless, intoxicating myself on his fragrance and the softness of his skin.

I stay awake all night. I can't sleep after what has just happened. My problems have never seemed so insignificant.

Title :The Boy Who Lives Down The Hill - 6
Author: rainbowdots888
Pairings: Ryo x Ohkura
Rating: PG13
Length: Multi Chapter
Words: 971
Genre: Edo period AU, angst, friendship, romance.
Disclaimer: Too bad for me, I don't own these men... just these stories.

Summary : In the Japanese country, Edo period. Ohkura's dreams are crushed by reality and his cruel mother. Ryo doesn't know it yet but he is his only light.


My eyes open on a room that is not mine. I'm lost for a minute, I've never slept in a place other than my family house.

I remember now. The blows, the river, Ryo...

He has helped me to get out of the water, has brought me to his house.

His brothers have helped him to clean my wounds and their mother has cooked something for us. I felt appreciated, cared for... and except for the throbbing pain running through my limbs, it was like a dream. It has the taste of family, the taste of love. I feed on that love relentlessly, absorbing every nice smile, every kind laugh and caring touch.

The house is huge, at least four times bigger than mine and the boys have their own bedroom, warm and comfortable, their three futons placed next to each other like the three strokes of the character for river. Ryo has installed me there, for a nap. I refused, at first. I wanted to stay next to him, to make him understand everything about the kiss and the festival night.

But I fell asleep. And as I open my eyes I realize that he's not here anymore. I can just hear his deep voice speaking softly in another room. It sounds like the rain has finally stopped.


“You know that Kei is insane, Shingo. You've witnessed it, many times. His fury.”

Subaru's voice is tiny, he's whispering as if it's something painful to say.

“Their father was mad as well, after all... It's a miracle that Tadayoshi seems to be... alright. I mean except for the fact he can't spea...”

“Stop ! Stop talking about him like he's an idiot. Madness does not run in the blood.” Ryo almost shouts, trembling. He's reduced to silence by an angry 'Shhhhh' coming from both of his brothers. They think I'm still asleep. But I can hear them talking about my family and I can't move, I can't do anything else than listening.

It's like opening a box containing evil things that will spread, a box I had never been given the key before.

“First thing Ryo, why did you make friends with him ? You know we have some... history with their family.”

“It's not... You know it's not like that. Me and Tadayoshi, it's... special.”

There's a long silence after this semi confession. I have no clue on what they're doing, which kind of look they're giving their little brother.

“Anyway... We know what Kei will do to him if he realizes that his brother has found shelter here. He'll most likely kill him.” The elder brother states coldly. “He has already killed. He has tasted blood once, at least.”

“We can't keep him here either, Shingo. I don't want his psycho brother to walk in, get Tadayoshi back and meet mom on his way. She doesn't deserve that. She deserves peace.” Subaru's rage is palpable. He looks small and fragile but in his voice there is this vibration, this strength that makes him a warrior.

What did my brother do to make them so angry ?

If it's so terrible, what Kei has done, why is Ryo even calling me 'my love' ?

Why doesn't he hate me ?


The door of the room slides open shortly after and I close my eyes swiftly so Ryo thinks I was sleeping all the while. I try to breathe evenly but my heart pounds too hard and I know he can hear it.

“Are you sleeping ?” His voice is soft, tender. He sits on the futon next to me, his back resting against my bent legs.

My eyes still closed – I can't face him yet – I shake my head.

“I'm sorry if you heard... well, things... just now. We didn't mean to be rude or judging. It's just that... I don't think you know everything about your brother and... Well obviously, I'm not sure of that. It's not like we've talked a lot you see.”

I open my eyes in shock. Here it comes. For the first time Ryo is saying that my problem bothers him. I don't know what to think anymore, somehow I feel betrayed. I try to stand, my whole body is sore but I don't feel comfortable anymore here, when the person I love is doubting me.

“What are you doing ? Stay calm. You're not in shape to...” Ryo grabs my shoulders and stops me from standing. Our faces are close, so close I can see the deep regret in his eyes. We're staying like that for a few seconds, they feel like hours. We're just reading through each others' irises, we're looking for trust and love.

“It was insensitive from me, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it this way.” His grip on my shoulders soften as his head falls slowly on my chest. The contrast with the second before is startling when I finally embrace him, his smaller figure fitting just right in my arms. He almost seems fragile.

“We're going to hide you away for a short while. Kei will leave your house and only then you'll go back. We'll think of a … better solution later. If he hits you again, I'll kill him. I've enough reasons to do so.”

He's suffering and I don't know why. I discover the background life of a person I love and it's strange to think that Ryo didn't come into being, already handsome and brave, out of nothing. Ryo has a past. It's linked to my brother's and of course the village half-wit doesn't know anything about it. If only I could ask him...

I hug his body tighter and he clenches the collar of my kimono, stifling a sob.


Some dark family secrets anyone ?? ;-)
Thanks for reading <3
Title :The Boy Who Lives Down The Hill - 5
Author: rainbowdots888
Pairings: Ryo x Ohkura
Rating: PG13
Length: Multi Chapter
Words: 1030
Genre: Edo period AU, angst, friendship, romance.
Disclaimer: Too bad for me, I don't own these men... just these stories.

Summary : In the Japanese country, Edo period. Ohkura's dreams are crushed by reality and his cruel mother. Ryo doesn't know it yet but he is his only light.



The rain has started on the day following the festival. It has been pouring down all the time since then, coloring the nature around with a rich green shade. The pitapat of the showers against the wooden structure of our house is almost deafening and never stops. I'm into a daze since the festival, since the kiss. I have to call it like that. It was not an error, nor even a misunderstanding. We kissed, it felt awesome and then so scary that I ran away. Nothing had ever been that amazing in my life, I just couldn't deal with it when it happened.

I need to tell Ryo, I need him to know that it's all forgiven and that I did not run away because I hate him.

The hurt in his eyes, I can't forget it. I've managed to steal his smile with a kiss. I have to give it back to him.

But Ryo is nowhere to be seen. When I walk down the hill recently, entirely soaked by the incessant rain, I'm looking for him. He's not waiting anymore, he's not in his courtyard cleaning the swords we used for training. He's not here anymore, as if he never existed.

My heart hurts.


My brother suddenly returned home from Edo. He arrived this morning, all tired and covered with the mud of the road. He has brought presents for Hana, for when she'll marry some rich boy from the vicinity. Beautiful fabrics for amazing kimonos, accessories for her hair, silk flowers to wear...

Mother is utterly happy and for once she's not screaming, she's even kind. It feels weird.

I almost enjoy the moment when we sit around the table and they talk about their everyday life and exchange news. They're not minding me and my imagination can wander freely down the hill, where Ryo is, where his soft lips and warm hands are.

Until the moment Hana spills everything about Ryo and his brothers. She's so proud to have been lead to the festival by such men that she talks, she tells her big brother how amazing they are and how I've made friends with them. He is turning paler than I've ever seen him be. His fists clench and he hits the table violently, startling everyone.

“Hana ! Stop now !” His voice sounds terrible as he turns to me and pierces me through with his furious stare. “Did you introduce your innocent sister to those guys ? Did you actually give her to them just to make friends ??”

I shake my head in disbelief, of course it's not like that. He stands up and walks towards me, threatening. Mother and Hana are watching, mute, surprised by his reaction.

“Hey, half-wit ! Answer me ! You're supposed to protect your sister, that's your only function and first occasion, you're putting her in danger ? Answer !!”

He hits me on the head. The powerful slap sends a wave of pain down my back and I start crawling on the tatami to escape the hail of blows falling on me. He has me pinned against the wall very fast, maintained there by the strength of his kicks. He's shouting out, he's ugly, has the face of a demon. My brother is half crying, half drooling, showering me with blows and insults and I suddenly think I may die here, by his hands, in the unbelievable madness of his reaction.

“Answer !!” he squeals finally, sounding like an exhausted pig about to have its throat slit. A last violent kick and he's gone, walking out of the house under the downpour.

Hana is whining. Mother ignores me and goes to her favorite son without a word.


I've left the house running, as I always do. Running away is my trademark. I hate myself, I hate the pain that surges through my limbs at every step, I hate him, this mad brother who thinks I'm his punch bag, his outlet. Under the rain I run down the hill, run past Ryo's house to reach the stream and bathe in the angry waters to get rid of the blood stains and the shame that seizes my heart.

One day I'll put a sword through my brother's body and he'll beg. One day.


The fresh water of the river feels perfect on my burning bruises. It's way better than the hot and heavy drops falling from the confusing sky.

I got rid of my garb on the bank and dove entirely into the river. I feel like I can drown, I can vanish here and now and no one would ever notice. No one would ever care. And I'd be at peace.

But as I surface, ready to take another breath and dive again, I feel a presence. Someone is looking at me intensely, his figure blurred by the huge rain drops. Ryo is there, drenched and waiting.

“Tadayoshi, come out, please !” His scream is muffled by the water cushion all around us but I can feel he fears for me. “Come out ! The current is too strong !”

I dive again, I want to think alone, I want to disappear for a while. But suddenly he's pulling me out of my cocoon, dragging me out of the raging water with all his strength, clenching my wrist with both his hands. When we're out of the stream and sprawled on the bank, I remain lying on my side, exhausted. He's taking his breath next to me as his eyes are wandering over my bruised body.

“Who did this to you ? Who ? … Did you want to die ??”

Ryo lies down next to me, on the muddy ground, tiny pearls of water caught in his insanely long lashes. I let my finger trace a character in the mud between us, slowly. It's perfectly balanced for once.


His eyes are deciphering my writing, and darken in fury for a split second. He finally brushes the hair falling over my own eyes and smiles to me.

“Let me help, my love. Just let me help you.”
Title :The Boy Who Lives Down The Hill - 4
Author: rainbowdots888
Pairings: Ryo x Ohkura
Rating: PG13
Length: Multi Chapter
Words: 1039
Genre: Edo period AU, angst, friendship, romance.
Disclaimer: Too bad for me, I don't own these men... just these stories.

Summary : In the Japanese country, Edo period. Ohkura's dreams are crushed by reality and his cruel mother. Ryo doesn't know it yet but he is his only light.



Surprisingly, Mother has said yes. She allowed me to go to the festival with Hana, on the condition that I'm not walking beside her once arrived there. I must understand that being seen with me is a disgrace, and my sister needs to find a husband.

For the occasion, Mother even lent me a hakama my late father used to wear for ceremonies. It's all black, it's even threadbare in some places. But it feels amazing.

We're leaving the house early and my sister talks all the way down the hill, she tells me about things she can't say when we're home. The boys she likes, the ones she'd like to marry... Ryo is mentioned once in her incessant blabbering, my heart prickles then, and I don't really understand why. But the one she wants over all, the man of her dreams is apparently my friend's big brother, whom she already calls Shingo.

In front of Ryo's house, they're here, the three brothers... Waiting for us. Perhaps Ryo is waiting just for me, or so I hope.

He smiles and waves at me. Hana is confused and her beautiful little face becomes all red. She didn't know about my newly found friend and her chatter dies in her throat in surprise as the three men are walking towards us.

They're handsome together, to say the least. They are not tall, maybe not that muscular but they have this aura to them that can seduce anyone. They are close, they are true brothers, they love each other. My brother hates me. Hana doesn't care.

“Tadayoshi ! We were waiting for you...” His smile makes me grin in response, my heart is submerged with joy. “... And who's your pretty companion here ?”

His eyes have moved to Hana, next to me. She's so pretty, of course he would notice her immediately... She doesn't say anything so I push her arm slightly with my hand. She needs to talk for us both.

“... I... I'm Hana, sir. His sister.”

The slight tension I had felt in his formal smile suddenly vanishes. Ryo looks at me again.

“Well, Hana, Tadayoshi, let me introduce you my brothers : Shingo and Subaru. Guys, could you lead the walk with this pretty lady ?”

The two men seem more than pleased at the idea and surround my sister in the blink of an eye. She's living the moment of her life.

Ryo walks next to me and his hand brushes lightly my sleeve. He glances up at me, shyly.

“You look stunning today. I'm glad you could make it.” he murmurs only for ourselves.


It's the first time in years at the festival for me. Everything is colorful, the background music and the hubbub are intoxicating and I rely entirely on my friend to lead me through this crowd of merry people. Hana is now with her friends, and I can forget her existence in my world, at least for a few hours.

The brothers find a table for us four and decide that we are going to order sake, now that Ryo is a grown up man. His brothers are nice guys, they're accepting me without a second thought and even try to include me in their conversations about the girls walking around our table. All these young women are actually looking at us with interest, some of them are even bold enough to come and touch our shoulders, stiffling embarassed and chiming laughs.

I feel strange, I'm not used to that display of attention. I really wonder why this beautiful woman stopped in front of me and asked for my name. I couldn't answer of course and just blushed instead. She apparently found it charming as Subaru gloated loudly patting me on the back once she had left. All of this makes me dizzy and to be honest, I'd rather be alone with Ryo in the rice fields right now.

“Are you alright ?” he asks me all of a sudden.

I nod immediately but I'm so tired it may look like I'm just being sad.

“They're going to launch the fireworks. How about we go to a nice place to see them ? A calm place.”

The idea is great, so I'm following him without hesitation. I need a quiet moment. We're climbing on the flat roof of a warehouse, far from the crowds, far from our respective siblings and the ladies' disturbing looks.

The fireworks start just as we sit there, side by side. It's amazing, I don't remember having ever seen something that bright and colorful. The loud bangs travel slowly after the luminous explosions and everytime I'm jolting in surprise, taken aback by the beauty and the violence of it. Ryo looks at me and laughs. It's not a mocking laugh, it's just nice and caring.

His hand lands on mine. Softly but also too firmly for it to be an accident. It stays there, strong and reassuring, the fingers slightly searching to intertwine with mine. I let them do so, I love that sensation.

Ryo looks at me again, his dark eyes are set ablaze by the fireworks reflections. His right hand slowly goes up until it's resting on my cheek and I'm mesmerized again, subdued to every single tiny movement on his face.

“You're so beautiful it hurts, Tadayoshi.” His voice is low, hoarse even, but among the turmoil of the fireworks I can clearly hear those fascinating words. He's so close now, his trembling lips almost on mine when he whispers something.

“Forgive me...”

And he finally closes the distance between us, our mouths meeting for a second, an hour, an eternity. My heart is about to explode like those flowers made of fire that are painting the night sky. I don't know anymore who I am and why I'm here, I start panicking as he kisses me deeper and my body still responds to it eagerly.

Suddenly it's too much to bear, and my hands spontaneously push him away, stronger than I intended to. He looks lost for a second, his eyes are desperate when I stand up in a hurry and finally run away in the night, crying.


Confusion and questions are here for both of them !

I hope you enjoyed reading ;-)
Title :The Boy Who Lives Down The Hill - 3
Author: rainbowdots888
Pairings: Ryo x Ohkura
Rating: PG13
Length: Multi Chapter
Words: 1071
Genre: Edo period AU, angst, friendship, romance.
Disclaimer: Too bad for me, I don't own these men... just these stories.

Summary : In the Japanese country, Edo period. Ohkura's dreams are crushed by reality and his cruel mother. Ryo doesn't know it yet but he is his only light.


It's been a week since the day Ryo has talked to me for the first time. He has promised that today he's going to teach me how to swing a sword. Mother has left for the day... I'm free, at least for a few hours.

We're walking in the rice fields, our feet entirely plunged in the water. My toes are stuck in the mud more often than not but I try to keep following his dynamic pace. It's sunny and almost blinding, the birds are chirping happily on a nearby tree and the wind caresses gently my hair. The sword he has lent me is heavier than his, longer as well. He has said that I'm way stronger and that I need something matching my frame and strength...

Mother always says I'm weak so I hope that I'll be able to hold the sword, that he won't notice that I'm weaker than he thinks.

“Alright, let's stop here. Try to move with the sword and be careful not to harm yourself... The blade is very sharp.”

I'm swinging my arm around, slowly at first, then in swift and strong movements as if I were smashing things in the air. The blade is beautifully whistling at each blow and Ryo's smile becomes larger every second. He walks around me until he's behind and I can't see him anymore. So I spin on myself, until he's there again, in front of me.

“That was nice ! Are you out of breath ? How does it feel ?”

I want to say that I'm alright, I'm feeling more alive than any other second I lived before this one. So I'm just smiling as wide as I can.

“Great. There's only one thing. Your… kimono. It's way too tight. You need a larger one, it blocks your shoulders and you're not entirely free of your movements. Do you have another one ?”

I don't. I'm wearing this garb since I turned sixteen and the fabric is so rough that it has survived my daily chores without even changing shape. Ryo knows by now how to identify a no coming from me.

“Well, I guess we'll keep this one for now... Can you remove the sleeves ?”

I'm suddenly embarassed, it's stupid, we're both men after all. He sees my hesitation, and his smile starts to vanish. I don't want him to stop smiling. So I'm removing the top of my shameful piece of cloth and tie the sleeves low around my waist, slightly shivering at the breeze that curls up around my naked chest.

“Alright, now, find a comfortable position... Your right foot ahead, yes that's it... Try to balance your weight between your legs... yes, perfect ! Face the ennemy. Always face him. Your hips are not...”

His mind lost in the flow of his instructions, Ryo has walked towards me, slightly correcting my knees' position with the tip of his fingers. He's behind me again and I can just hear his muffled monologue. I'm kind of paralyzed now, he's so close to me. I can feel the collar of his kimono brushing against my back, it's soft and tickly. And suddenly his hands are resting on my hips, delicately turning them until I'm perfectly aligned with the target he is imagining in front of us.

It feels strange to be touched so softly by someone, someone who doesn't want to harm me in any ways. His hands are warm and firm, modifying the position a little bit more and I can hear him mumble 'perfect' only for himself. I'd love those hands to remain there, to even dare explore other territories, it's dizzying to imagine what they could do if only...

“Tadayoshi ? Are you alright ?” Ryo's worried voice brings me back to earth, and I open my eyes again on the dazzling landscape in front of me.

I nod. I'm alright. Confused, embarassed by my own stupidity but as long as he's still solidly holding my waist, I won't collapse.


In the end I didn't collapse at all when he released his grip on me, it only felt a lot colder.

He has shown me how to hit a target, how to fend off an attack. Ryo has fought me with gentle blows all afternoon, trying to spare my spent shoulders and hands. The sword gave me is now a lot heavier and my wrists hurt when I'm lifting it above my head as my teacher instructed.

“I think we should stop, you look exhausted.”

We sit side by side along the path that goes straight through the fields. It's a little raised so we're not floundering in the muddy ground and to be honest it feels great. I'm recovering, my breath returns and the sun is now caressing. It's almost the end of the afternoon, of our day together.

“Tadayoshi... Are you coming to the festival tomorrow ?”

Suddenly my inner peace shatters into pieces. I shake my head from right to left, in panic. Mother knows that I'm not made for that kind of things, Ryo doesn't. Hana is, she's pretty and she can have fun with her friends, maybe find a husband, she's old enough. But me... I don't want to embarrass my family.

“Oh. Aren't you allowed to ? I mean, we are around the same age... You can decide for yourself ! ” I see a tint of rebellion in his eyes, he's suddenly seized by anger and his usual smile falls down.

Are you angry at me Ryo ? Please, don't...

He is now looking at his feet, still imprisonned in the mud of the field and moves them a little in order to create some ripples that crash onto my legs. Ryo seems to regret his sudden exasperation and takes a long and calming breath.

“I... I'm sorry. It's just... I'd like you to come with me. Please.” I'm staring at the couple of red-crowned cranes that just landed in front of us, bathed in the orange light of the sunset. I can feel his eyes, his burning gaze, devouring me. He wants an answer.

I must be crazy because I finally nod with a shy smile, without even looking at him.

“Thank you.” He murmurs.

The cranes take flight together in an astounding ballet of feathers. Ryo is smiling again.